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Gram’s history goes far back to the beginning of 1900 when Hans Gram started a smithy business in the countryside, which developed into a substantial industrial success. Gram soon became known for its excellent quality within freezing and cooling techniques. In 1930 ice cream was introduced into Denmark, and Gram supplied the first automatic machine to manufacture ice creams and ice bar sticks.

About Company

In 1999 Gram Equipment was established, and the company has since then developed into one of the leading suppliers of equipment and solutions for the ice cream industry worldwide. This prominent position was strengthened in 2014 when Gram Equipment acquired WCB Ice cream. With the acquisition, the two companies’ combined resources and talent allowed for the continued supply of the well-respected brand and quality products. Gram Equipment is now the leading global supplier of advanced equipment and process installations for industrial ice production.
With an extensive global network of subsidiaries, agents, sales- and service offices and more than 330 employees worldwide, Gram Equipment has the optimal base for fulfilling our customers’ demands.
Gram Equipment is continuously striving to extend the portfolio of innovative solutions. Gram aims to ensure that our customers can always react fast to the needs of their customers and consumers worldwide.

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Mani Ideh Gostar


Mani Ideh Gostar


Mani Ideh Gostar


Mani Ideh Gostar
mani ideh gostar

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About Us

Mani Ideh Gostar Irsa (MIGI co) formerly known Bagheri Trading co was founded in 1989, is one of the leading suppliers of process engineering machineries and packaging systems in food production in Iranian market through representation of well-known European relative manufacturers.